Best wallpaper themes for your desktop and mobile devices

Best wallpaper themes for your desktop and mobile devices

With the rise of technology, there also comes the opportunity for people to customise their own devices however they please. While the exterior of a tech gadget can be altered, you can also do so on the software side of things. 

This is why wallpapers are important because people have different preferences as to how they want their devices to look the moment they open them. There are a lot of themes to choose from.

In today’s IroWall blog, you will see the best wallpaper themes that you can use for your device like a computer or phone.


Nature-themed wallpaper is some of the most popular and common ones you can find. In fact, when you buy a new device, they’ll have nature as their default wallpaper.

They can stem from all sorts of places like mountains, oceans, the sky, and the everglades. There are simply a lot of pictures that get represented in nature-themed wallpapers, and some of these pictures are simply breathtaking.

You can see that the photographers really have the best equipment to showcase the wonders of the world, and having to open your device to these sets of photos will take your breath away. 


The cosmos are among the most beautiful views you can find in the world. However, the lack of space technology is what keeps us from looking at the starry nights in awe. 

Fortunately, there are photos that capture the essence of what the galaxy looks like. Some of these are simply too incredible to miss out on. In fact, many people use cosmic wallpapers to represent their devices. 

Besides, brands like Apple and Samsung have some of their product lines’ names dedicated from the very cosmos themselves. If you want wow-factor every time you see your desktop or phone wallpaper, the cosmos is a great way to start. 


With the rise of Marvel movies come fans who want to dedicate their fandom to a superhero wallpaper. It doesn’t matter who it is, whether it’s Iron Man, Captain America, or Superman, there are a lot of heroes to choose from.

Furthermore, the trend of superhero team-up movies has also created the opportunity to showcase some of comics’ best teams in history. You can have either the Justice League, Fantastic Four, or Avengers as your primary wallpaper. 

No matter what, the art can vary from artist to artist which is great if you want the most unique cover for your devices.


The most expensive devices out there have their default wallpaper set to an abstract art piece. Why is that? It simply looks elegant. There are several shapes and forms that make up abstract art. This happens to appeal to the most sophisticated people out there.

Right now, Apple’s latest operating system has some of the most unique abstract designs you can find in any colour. This allows the Macbook to look incredibly neat and clean when opening the device. 

It’s rather simple, but it surely gets the job done when it comes to aesthetics. Most people believe that this theme will be the future’s very own design in most of the devices coming up in a few years.

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Remember, these themes are among the most unique on the internet. If you happen to stumble upon one that you like, don’t hesitate to grab it and make it your official wallpaper!

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